My five weeks in Bali


‘How are you in Bali? Never mind, you don’t have to answer. I have seen your pictures, and it does not seems work to me. Are you in reality show or something?’

*I looked around in case there is a video camera following me

I am doing okay and enjoying my life here in Bali. It has been five weeks so far and I have so many things to tell you. For your record, this is not my first time in Bali. But I was here as a tourist and not working. My friend Andrew once asked, can you not enjoy your work as a holiday? And I answered, as long as I have to put it as an article, nope! Cannot mix work and pleasure…

I have to take back my word!

I do enjoy my work like a holiday with ‘a bit pressure’ sometimes a lot when it comes to the deadline. But yes Bali and Berau slightly change my perspective of my own work. Here are some stories of my life in Bali so far.

Those who is not Balinese must be Javanese

My motorbike driver told me that for Balinese, those who are not Balinese must be Javanese. It is like all white people are America for Indonesian and we call them Bule and those who has small eyes must be Chinese, regardless your nation. It is okay with me, until everyone starts talking in Javanese with me!! Oh my God!

My late father was Javanese but he never talked to me in Javanese, at all! I was born and grew up in Jakarta and we talk in Bahasa. My generation, in general, does not speak in local languages anymore and stupidly my generation talks to their children in English. My generation is more proud with foreign language than our own mother tongue and less care of our local language. So within few years, we are going to lose more local languages and maybe even our Bahasa Indonesia!… hey, even I write this in English. Nei, I have my own justification that my readers are my friends whom I met in London. This is how I promote my beloved country 😉


My Wisma Ayu flat and its drama!

I like my flat. It has a big bed, furnished, small kitchen with fridge, air con, and tv. I only have a problem with the noisy flatmates, room number 3! It is he, always talk loudly with his friends, live or on the phone! I think he is craving for an attention! Then there are people who work at night shift. Absolutely not my problem until they come home around 1 – 2 AM in the morning and again, chit chat with loud voice until dawn… aarrgh!

I could have moved upstairs. My friends told me that it is quieter. But it is like giving up the battle!  I am waiting for any sweet revenge one day! Maybe by having a big party while they are sleeping! Uye


Surrounded by foods!

From London to Bali. I had not had any time for culture reverse from a place that puts sanitation and health above the taste aka tasteless, to the place where taste is about everything! I have stomach issues since I got back from London. Seriously! But my friend doctor said it is just a matter of time to adapt, carry on until my tummy used to it again, especially the spicy food.

I never thought Balinese food are all about spicy until I really live here. So you better watch your food if you visit me in Bali.

By the way, although I am surrounded by food, I always am craving for one thing, MIE AYAM! Woohooo, the noodle. Yeah… so simple


Being spoiled with Gojek

Bali does not have public transportation like other places in Indonesia. Some say it’s a conspiracy if there are a public transportation, who is going to use the very expensive taxi and ojek? And who’s going to rent the motorbike?!

So here I am, cannot ride a bike! And on my second week in Bali, I decided not ever want to ride a motorbike here. They are all crazy! They ride very fast! So I lean my life on the Gojek driver. It is a motorbike taxi, a legal one with the app. I used the app every day, at least twice a day! I feel rich hahaha…. Well it actually means that I spent my money too much on gojek!


No more walking

I did promise myself to carry on walking after London. I did try once in Bali, from my flat to the office and I failed! Too hot, too dusty and the vehicle horned me all the time! After 45 minutes, I called an ojek to the office L


Surrounded by ‘Bule’

My fiancée Iwan was a bit jealous when he found out that I am going to work in Bali. ‘Baby, there are lots of Bule there in Bali.’ I answer the question with laughing out loud… ‘Baby, I just got back from LONDON and there are BULE’s stranded everywhere’

Of course, there are foreigners here, some of them choose Bali as their home, most of them are just tourists. And because this is a very touristic place, I feel like I can be who I really am. To be honest, I feel safer to live in than in my hometown, Jakarta. Neighbors and friends talk about you behind your back, they will judge you for whatever you do, say and look. Once again, I am just a stranger here, a minority Muslim and I feel much better as one!



Here comes the great thing about my life in Bali. I am surrounded by beaches! Woohooo…. It’s only 10 kilometers to Sanur, and around 5 to 6 kilometers to Kuta and Double 6 Seminyak! Oh yeah, I am living a good life in this point of view. I am blessed by vitamin SEA!

I can just call gojek and drive me to one of these beaches. So far, Double 6 is my favorite! I need to explore more.

Another beach that went in my five weeks was Lovina. I was too lazy to wake up early in the morning to see the dolphin.



I went to two waterfalls in Bali. To Munduk Waterfall and Tegunungan Waterfall. It was fun and amazingly beautiful.


Photo was taken by me at Double 6 and to see more photos of my life in Bali and Berau go to my Instagram @nitaroshita




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