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My Sum of 2016


I became Master after 8 years of waiting. I was accepted at Maastrich University back in 2008 but I didn’t pursue further because I wasn’t ready for it. I finally graduated from one of the best Political Communication course in the UK with the most prestigious scholarship from UK Government – Chevening.

I got a ‘dream job’ just three days after I got back to Indonesia. I am based in Bali, the best place to chill, honestly…to chill, not for work hahahhaa. I travelled a lot, my life is up in the air once again.

I got the best of London! I met Hugh Grant in person and Tony Hall the director of BBC was bowing at me! Listening to Tariq Ali public speech once again, registered as labour party member, watched 2 Cello’s Concert, Harry Potter play, 1984 play, willingly trapped in the second biggest festival in the world, Notting Hill festival and I enjoyed my life in London at most! I have new family member from all over the world. From Argentine to South Africa and all over Asia for sure.

I was there when Brexit happened, when David Cameron was replaced by May. I was there when Sadiq Khan elected as Mayor of London and Underground operates 24 hours for the first time 😉

My love life was like a roller coaster, but we finally back together. I love him..


2016 has taken my best friend a way. The whole enjoyable moment of London was suddenly gone with Jon. The devastated moment for me in 2016! My eyes swallowed for weeks! He was my blessing and my deepest loss of 2016. I really miss you!

I got scoliosis! So, goodbye backpack, hello suitcase

I must be apart from my friends in Jakarta, somehow, I feel so upset for not able to be there when they need me…

In the end… it is just life! I laughed out loud and cried until I ran out tears. I live my life fullest.

Thank you 2016, hello 2017…. BRING IT ON!


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