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Trekking in Bandung – Ciumbuleuit to Lembang


It is all started with my will to reduce weight! but then it becomes a new habit of walking and trekking around Bandung. This city is so beautiful.. from ABOVE! so with my friend Putri we start to identify every hills and mountains around Bandung.

The second site of trekking is Punclut – Puncak Ciumbuleuit, top of Ciumbuleuit where there are restaurants that served black and red rice as their main menu. These kind of rice is more healthy than the white one.

We start to walk from Gandok Ciumbuleuit to Punclut, the track is continuously to climb. We met 78 years old man who cycle from Buah Batu – my house- to Punclut! oh dear me… he is a very strong and healthy old man, he called himself Grandpa to us.

half way to Punclut, I took a rest and see this view.. beautiful!



The sky is so blue and clear. You can see mountains that encircled Bandung. It was 8 am.

The nicest thing about trekking is that you become human yourself, you met people, talk to them and get to know how they live. You appreciate nature more when you surrender yourself to one.

We met elderly couple who were cleaning their vacant land, we asked if we can enter just to take a picture of the scenery. And these are what we saw



do you see Bandung?


yes, the city lies below the clouds.. and I was standing above it, its like living in the  land above the clouds.

We were arrived at Punclut at 8.30 am after one and half hour walking from Gandok Ciumbuleuit. We order most natural energy drink, a coconut water to refresh ourselves.


Our previous plan was to have lunch at Punclut, but we arrived too early so it became breakfast to us. As the energy comes back, we continue our journey to Lembang. Once again, we were walking uphill!

I stopped several times to catch my breath and my skin was burned. But the view is so much worthy to see..




We didn’t have any plan what to do once we get to Lembang. But somehow I saw Bosscha Observatory Dome! We found what we were looking for a whole time. It is always been my childhood dream to visit Bosscha, I dream to see the stars from it. Somehow my heart stop pumping so hard, my feet stop hurting me and I dont care about skin being burned.

We did lost on our way to Bosscha, once again the locals saved us. They were really nice to show us the way to Bosscha although in the end we choose to use Ojek to get there faster!

Bosscha at last, my dream has come true!

20131228_125013here are pictures from Bosscha. I lost words to describe how happy I was when I arrived here after 3 hours walking from Punclut!





Here is the summary of this journey

Gandok Ciumbuleuit – Pasar Lembang = 4,5 hours

breakfast at Punclut = 35.000 / person

ojek from Pasar Lembang to Bosscha = 15.000

public vehicle from  Lembang – Buah Batu = 12.000

Next Trekking will be to Malabar – Pangalengan on 11 January 2014!

Join Us, Lets have Fun and Healthy!


* my post on trekking journey is written in English for my beloved foreign friends who loves to travel around Indonesia. I would love to introduce Bandung from the nature side 😉




Trekking in Bandung – Tahura


Bandung is the capital city of West Java Province, Indonesia, which owns the fourth largest city in Indonesia. Located 768 m or 2,520 feet above sea level, Bandung has air and cooler temperatures compared to other cities in Indonesia. It is located in the river valley and surrounded by volcanic mountains.

But Bandung well-known by its culinary tourism and fashion paradise. Jakartans goes to Bandung, mostly for these two reasons. I will show you the beautiful side of Bandung that you have to visit on foot!

Mid- November 2013 I started trekking from Simpang Dago, all through Dago site – Dago pojok, Dago atas to Dago Pakar – where the cyclist end their journey. It took me and Putri one and a half hour to get to the place named Taman Hutan Raya – Tahura or THR. The track is up and down to the valley, exhausting but it surely fun. You can see Green on your right and left side of the road. You will meet dozens of cyclists on your way there.

Taman Hutan Raya / Hutan Raya Park is the conservation area in Bandung, 590 ha from Dago Pakar to Maribaya and it is on 770mdpl to 1330 mdpl.


These are what you can see inside the park

20131116_080645the have this tracking side all the way from the gate of Tahura to Maribaya. It is an easy trekking path.



In 1912 Dutch East Indies Government built tunnel intercepts Cikapundung river (later referred as Cave of  The Netherlands). The tunnel turned to be the  Dutch military hiding based and also as a prison. 


I didn’t go inside because on our way to Cave of Netherland, we already entered the cave of Japan. I will tell you more about it later.

This is what the Cave of Netherland look from outside.


After The Dutch Colonization ended, comes Japanese. They were also built tunnel in this park as a prison. They tortured prisoners here…

goa jepang

It is very dark, damp and spooky…

The journey is not over yet. We walk another 3 hours to get to this water fall of Omas, 30 meters high.


Inside the park there are lots of small food stall all the way from Tahura to Maribaya site, so you dont have to worry if you running out of water and logistic. They are also official motorcycle taxi aka Ojek, if you need one.

How much money should be prepared:

price of admission for local is 10.000 rupiahs, for foreigner is 75.000 rupiahs.

In Cave of Japan :torch loan rent is 5000, guide is 25.000

Motorcycle taxi aka Ojek is sooo expensive 50.000

Trekking in Bandung is so much fun and healthy… enjoy!


This post is written in English with my very basic one and dedicated to beloved friends from abroad who loves to travel around Indonesia and planning to go to Bandung.


Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride and be happy


It’s breaking my heart when I read people especially young one, spend more than 18 hours at work, hell yeah that is not a passion! its like you being fooled by the capitalist one!

Being alive means to have fun, regardless it is a positive or the negative one. To me it is depends on how you look at it and what value you use. Having fun means to enjoy everything you do, blessing every single breath you take.

I used to be a weepie girl, oh well, still am, but that is only for a good reason. I stop complaining and enjoying the ride of work, personal life, family and friendship. I keep remind myself, nothing is last forever, including love, so get ready if you have to lose one in the near future. When it happens, cry, just cry as much as you can, angry like hell, but don’t do it continuously… you will have to set your deadline of crying then take a deep breath, exhale and move on!

Life is so much precious to live in, enjoy every color you see, feel the breeze, hear the sound of the nature, lose yourself somewhere, out of nowhere and get ready for a new adventure in life.

I always put smile on my face, it doesn’t meant that I always happy,but smiling make me feel strong. I had my bad times too. But I learn one thing, happiness is just about a mind trick, how you can trick your mind and heart and turn bad things onto good ones and tarrraaa… be happy!

#demijambi berganti #demisehat


ga seru ya nama gantinya, #demisehat. tapi apalagi? kalau #demikamu, pasti ada yang akan komentar,”eh, lakukan segala sesuatu untuk diri sendiri dulu bukan demi orang lain.” huehehe. jadilah saya tulis #demisehat. kenapa berubah? karena saya ga jadi ke jambi. kenapa? karena ternyata menyiapkan pernikahan itu ga gampang yak. selain alasan harus mengumpulkan cukup biaya untuk pernikahan, yang sebagaimana pun sederhananya tetap butuh biaya kan, juga soal mental, empati. saat pasangan saya sedang pusing menabung untuk kami, tetiba saya beli tiket dan akomodasi untuk ke jambi… ah ga ada simpati dan empatinya sama sekali itu.

sedih ga? sedih, tapi kan ke jambinya bisa berdua dia nanti. hue, standar banget sih alasannya.

tapi toh diet yang saya lakukan tetap akan berjalan meski tak lagi ke jambi. saya akan tetap jalan kaki setiap hari, mengganti nasi dengan jenis karbohidrat lain dan minum infused water.

sudah masuk minggu ke tujuh, hasilnya lumayan loh. minggu ke empat alias akhir bulan november kemarin, berat badan saya turun 5 kilogram. mestinya dengan pola yang sama, berat badan saya turun lagi 5 kilo akhir bulan ini. mudah-mudahan bisa 😉

okay dengan demikian #demisehat terus berjalan. kurus adalah bonus… tapi kalau bonusnya lebih besar… Alhamdulillah.. *halah*