Thank You 2015 for the Awesome Adventures, the Best Moment in Life


2015 is a remarkable year for me. I finally got a scholarship that I ever wanted for like 10 years! I almost got one in 2008, but then… anyway, I am here, London, UK, for my master degree with one of the most prestigious scholarship, Chevening! Well it is not something that fell from a sky just like that, big effort, big sacrifice and investment of your time, energy and money. But every effort is worthy!

2015 has been the craziest year ever! I never saw my account Rp 0,- and Rp 20.000.000 in the same day, oh well in short delay of time hahaha. I always worked as a full timer with the settled organization for almost 15 years then suddenly decided to become a freelancer with Rp 0,- to start. I said to myself, “I don’t want to be bothered by permission or get troubled with the company when I got the scholarship.” 6 months before I really got one! Technically I was just waiting for a miracle to happened, if I didn’t get the Chevening, then I might going crazy for real hahaha…

But it wasn’t true. 2015 has made me realize being a freelancer is more suits to me! I have all those experiences, good networking and I can manage my time, my energy and passion a lot better. I can do more with my three communities, MyJunx- my own project with Dessy, Transformasi Hijau and Green Initiative Foundation. I know I give more by becoming freelancer and with the upcoming master degree and the experiences I have in UK, I can give back a lot better. Amin to that!

2015, my dream came true when I met Benedict Cumberbatch and got his autograph. Standing three hours to see his face right in front of me was unforgettable moment! And I paid 65 Pounds for his performance in Hemlet, which was AWESOME!

Experiences the course in one of the best University in the world, the best in UK for media and communication! Writing 12.000 words of essay is something that very amusing experiences. Meeting wonderful new friends from all over the world, sharing all the stories, background, and different vision are amazing. Living with lovely family is another awesome experience for me.

I miss my family, friends and my love one. But time flies, soon I will be home and I will be missing London so very much, I am in love with this city and the people too.

2015 is a blessing year for me and hopefully the blessing will be still mine for the rest of coming year of 2016. I want nothing than to keep being friends with all the friends I have right now, keep all the good networking, graduate from master degree- not really care about the mark, but if its good, that would awesome too and… let the universe surprise me J

Thank you 2015!!

doctor-is-in-ew-008dr. strange… please do the magic spell on me 🙂


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  1. Hallo, mba. Kenalkan nama saya Anindya. Saya berencana untuk melanjutkan S2 juga di Inggris dan tertarik untuk apply chevening. Saya ingin menanyakan beberapa hal terkait chevening dan kesediaan mba untuk proofread essay saya. Kira-kira apakah mba bersedia dan dapat memberikan alamat emailnya kepada saya? terima kasih mba

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