Tebing Keraton – 15 minutes on the edge


So I am back as a new comer in Bandung – ah been here for almost 2 years now – and eager to explore this beautiful city surrounded by mountains.

Tebing Keraton – new tourist destination in Bandung, founded in May 2014 by a traveler and wrote it on a media and bomb! suddenly this small brink became novel – popular.


Tebing means the brink, Keraton is refer to the amazing scenery that you will make you stunning and lost words to say.. well not exactly.. i have things to say as a critique and my concern of this spot.

It is still in the area of Tahura – Taman Hutan Rakyat Djuanda Bandung. You can reach it from Bukit Dago Pakar but since the road to this area is being repaired you have to circle to Desa Ciburial. It is about 8km from Dago Pakar and please do not use your car. leave your car somewhere in Desa Ciburial but try to get ojek- motorcycle taxi to Tebing Keraton. It is not an easy track, rocky, dusty and it is on the uphill.

The parking fee for motorcycle is 5000 rupiahs, entrance fee 11.000 rupiahs per person for local tourist and 76.000 rupiahs for foreigner.

The view from Tebing Keraton is very worth to see after a long and difficult journey to get there….

This is what is left from TAHURA – the forest on your left side


get closer


20140916_125335and this is on your central view


do you see what i mean? take a good closer to the picture… we have lost lots of forest because of villas, hotels, cafe, residential or vegetables farm. sitting on the edge of Tebing Keraton makes me hurt, honestly…Β  it is beautiful… but for how long? if you dont stop people from cutting down the trees and builds things… say bye bye to this lovely sights…

now turn to your right side

20140916_125726lovely… the mountain is calling… its getting easier to get to the mountain as people keep pushing themselves inside the forest and getting near to the top of the mountain…

North of Bandung is prone to landslide because of the catchments area turned into residential and farming…

take a look closer to the cliff

20140916_125538dont even try to off the cliff…

Tebing Keraton is very small area with rock and slippery. dont go there when its rain. it wont manage to have more than 20 persons at the same time, a very limited space to share with everyone.

although there is a trash basket, people are just being ignorant… damn!


so enjoy bandung while you can.. come and visit Tebing Keraton then we can share the story πŸ™‚

this is me as a bonus to this post hahaha





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