My Fat Never Failed Me


So yes, I have heard lots of comments over my body, especially from someone you don’t really close and he or she suddenly dared to ask “what happened to you? Why you so… “
So yes, I have seen friends, trying so hard to get rid of their fat, because they are being told to by their love ones, family, friends, and believe that being fat is ugly…
First, you need to recognize what type of body you have. I have a big bone, big cheekbones too. It is difficult for me to get skinny like other women because of my body, that’s just the way it is, big bones. I have a big cheekbone; if I got skinny, then you will never see me smile wide again, why? Because, it will makes me look like a skeleton without a flesh. So I just have to accept my body the way it is…
Second, I don’t have a problem with my fat in any kind of circumstances. My fat never failed me in gaining love. I guess I am so lucky to have man in my life who doesn’t really care about my fat… and also other men that ever came to my life, they were not bother at all with my fat. So I don’t believe that all guys only look for your appearance…
I only have problem with my fat if I don’t have any t-shirt that fits me then I need to get rid of some of them. I only care with my fat when economically it will cost me a lot for new clothes and also health problem. If I hardly catch up my breath when I am walking, then I know it is time to lose some.
So girls
The problem is in your mind only. If you think you are beautiful, then you are beautiful. If you think that you are ugly then no matter how much make up you put on, it won’t work at all.
Beauty means you accept who you really are
Beauty means you have confidence about yourself
It is your brain that will make you feel and look sexy, trust me…


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