If It Wasn’t For Ben


Somehow I always found a ridiculous reason to encouraging myself achieving my goal in life. In Junior High, back in 1990-s, damn I am so old, my English teacher asked where did I learn my English and I said from New Kids on The Block, I listen, read the lyric on the cover and sang… My parents were too poor to send me to an English course.

In 2012, I fall in love with this curly guy on AXN. It was just a glance and I knew I would love to see his movie or hear more of his deep voice. When my colleague gave me the copy of Sherlock Holmes the series, she first said “the movie was so great but the actor is just okay. I couldn’t understand why anyone liked him.” AHA so that was him on AXN!

Since then, I am following news, gossip and saw his movies!

Recently, after years I kept my will to get a master degree on the back of my mind and put it on the lower priority in life, it reappears once again. The time has come to pursuing the dream to come true and this time I promise to myself that I will try my very best to get one.

But it is not without a reason, a ridiculous one…

I want to meet Ben in person, better yet; I want to be part of Sherlock Holmes’ screenwriter team. I believe that there is no mountain is too high to climb or sea too deep to dive. All you have to do is trying to make your dream come true.

So for many times, I watch Sherlock Holmes Season 1-3 without Indonesian Subtitle. I downloaded audiobooks read by Ben and his other movies that I could find on internet. Oh yeah I also went to the movie for Star Trek and 12 Years of Slave.

If it was not for Ben, I would never know Cassanova the biography by Giacomo Cassanova in 1822 , Ode to Nightingale wrote by John Keats in 1819, To the Ends of The Earths, a trilogy written by William Golding in 1980 and less care about Stephen Hawkins- played by Ben in 2004, or even Van Gogh- Painted with words in 2010 and Neverwhere by Neil Gailman 1996.

If NKOTB contributed to my English exam during school year, Ben should be the one that I have to thankful for his sexy voice, clear articulation and for being a passionate reader in improving my English. If I can get the IELTS score that I need, and pass the scholarship, I would love to catch him and shake his hand tightly and thank him for being HIM….



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