The Plastic Bag Dilemma


Been thinking which one is more dramatic title – the plastic bag saga or story or dilemma- either way, the content of the story will significantly the same.

At the beginning of this week, I found myself in a dilemma of plastic bag whether to continue using it or should I totally leave it behind and move to other material, tote bag for instance. But fact is, I couldn’t totally stop from using plastic bag.

That day, I was running out of plastic bag for trash and dirty clothes to send to the laundry. The positive side is, yes, I did manage the plastic bag diet. I have been declining the plastic bag whenever I shop. On the negative side, hey, what am I going to do with my trash and dirty clothes?

First thing first, I have to count how much exactly my personal waste so I can tell how many plastic bag do I need in a week or month?

I live in 12 square meters rented room and single. I have lunch at work, and mostly have light breakfast and dinner with fruit or bread. As far as I remember, I throw my trash per two days and around half kilos in weight. So I only need 3 plastic bags per week, 12 ones monthly. Hmmm, where can I get one?

Yes some of the convenience shops are using degradable plastic bag, yes they are good and I should appreciate this new efforts. BUT, they are degradable in 2 years, until then it remains as a TRASH! And remain danger to the environment. This kind of plastic bag will have the same faith, being burned or end up on the river or at the sea; the problem remains the same…. So what’s the point of being degradable?

Yes, I am not against totally the plastic bag, I need it but I will try my very best to do the plastic bag diet. I carry on bring my tote bag for shop. For the trash and dirty clothes; here is my simple solution… I will take one from the office hahaha… silly… but there are plenty plastic bags right now. I can always reuse them and at the same time reducing numbers of new plastic bags. What if one day we are totally running out of plastic bags? Hmm…. There will always someone you can ask the plastic bag from 🙂

For the dirty clothes, I put on big bag, bring it to the laundry spot and bring the clean one with the same bag. Hopefully it will work for a long time 🙂





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