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Painting Me and BTS. Happy Birthday V

Painting Me and BTS. Happy Birthday V

V birthday was yesterday, and like I promise myself; I would write something my personal experience as BTS ARMY. This year marking my first year as ARMY and they have change me a lot, “to be a better person,” like V line on Snow Flower. And today it is for V.

The very first member that caught myself is V, because my niece biased was V. She showed me lots of V picture and all I know was him (sorry Jin). On V’s last year birthday, I wanted to surprise my niece so I contribute to two V’s birthday project upon her name. One of them is still running, the playground Bintang Ungu V for unfortunate children in a slum area in Jakarta. We are aiming to have 7 in near future.

V and I not have much in common, except we both love classic jazz. He plays sax, I only enjoy it. Yesterday I was playing Jazz all day to celebrate his. V loves art, while I only recently reactivate my fingers again in paintings. Although I love to sketch, drawing as part of my healing moment, I don’t know much about painting and painter. V is so absurd, unpredictable kind of person and he does things whatever he pleases. Well, I slightly kind of that person too. When you live in the rule of algorithm, you do want to be random, and absurd as much as you can so the machine less likely to be sotoy – kepo – and predict your life. For example, a little thing I do is going to a bookshop and buy a hardcopy book without even mention it on the net.

Okay back to painting. Right, I do paintings a lot these days since less work and people are having vacations. I have times to just wandering around BTS songs and dive to their lyrics. Start with Jin’s songs, then it continues to other songs. So far, I have 9 paintings inspired by members and their songs and sketch their faces. This is a new experience for me. As a writer, I got trance of words all over my head and annoying my days until I write them down. It is also happened to me in painting. Pictures in my head, I become trance, possessed and not able to do anything right until I draw them. So weird.

Like V, I enjoy paintings just I am. So, when someone contact me to buy one, I was like panicking. I don’t want to monetize everything that I do for fun. Because once I took money for my paintings, I will be worry whether my next painting is good enough for anyone to see, to like and to buy. I want to be like V, I love colors and put stories in paintings instead of words like I used to. Not that I abandon my writing, but I want to explore my paintings these days.

Thank you, V, for inspiring me how to enjoy life through paintings and colors and be an absurd one is awesome. Someone once said “Nita you are so absurd!” and I used to take that word hardly, but now, I am happy when someone says that to me. You know what, I am absurd!

If you see this post V, these are my paintings and each painting tells a different story or stories inspired by BTS and BTS Members.

my room my gallery
Super Tuna Jin in the plastic ocean

Happy birthday V, have a pleasant, blast birthday and live life happily always!


BTS is GOOD for your (print media) business. A piece on V – Kim Taehyung birthday

BTS is GOOD for your (print media) business. A piece on V – Kim Taehyung birthday

I was sitting on my terrace that morning when TIME Magazine arrived. I was in a hurry to unboxing the package that I have been waiting for two weeks and paid like 25K rupiahs more than the usual price. It said due the high demand and they need to printed local.

I was nervous because the cover was not BTS but Kamala Haris and Joe Biden. First I thought they sent me the wrong package, I was nervous. Then on the second page, it said BTS “the Entertainer of the Year” horeee, my heart pumped!  

To be honest, I am totally less interest to read about Kamala Haris and Joe Biden as Person of The Year. I am not going to spent my money on Time just to read them, no matter, how being political I am. Still, I am not interested enough to buy something that is not close related and relevant to me these days. I can read about them online.

But this is BTS! Period.

According to Brandwatch Consumer Research on January 2020, there are 48 million unique authors mentioning BTS online from January 2013 – December 2019. If they are real Army then there are 48 army groups (48 millions soldiers). With 2,199,192,809 mentions or in averages 1,004,197 mention daily!

I am one of them to be certain – oh well, since November 2020.

Anyway, BTS ARMY is a huge market. Just like me, they might not need to read the whole content of the magazine, they just want to collect them for the sake of BTS’s pictures. Time Magazine put BTS on 4 pages (including 1 page with a whole picture), propably only about 3000 words but it sold fast and I was on the second batch of waiting list for the magazine. Imagine how much revenue Time get for one edition with BTS cover and they have been on TIME for like 4 times.

BTS is a  good news for the almost collaps printed media. Put them on cover, boom, the sales rocketed like Burj Kalifa.

I am not making it up.

CNN Business came with the report on 18 December 2020. Variety, WSJ Magazine and Esquire are among those who harvesting revenue from BTS. Variety printed 30% more copies than usual with BTS on the cover. WSJ Magazine came with the statement “[d]ue to overwhelming demand” to reprint its November issue. Esquire typically sells 20,000 copies per issue at domestic retailers and ended up printing an additional 20,000 copies for the US, along with 34,000 copies for South Korea, where they typically sell 100 copies, and another 2,000 copies for Japan.

My friend purchased the Esquire from Amazon and all the way from USA to Indonesia. I did search on e-commerce Tokopedia to look for the price, and all put Pre-Order mode with the full-payment price around hundreds of rupiah and transported from USA or India. Coming soon for January 2021, BTS Army is looking forward for RollingStone and Dicon. For Rolling Stone the Pre-Order has been sold out already on Tokopedia. *clap, clap, clap

It is interesting to see how media has been using BTS for their business because usually is the other way around. Through out BTS history, mainstream media has been ignored them, worst sometimes been direspect them as the “outsider”. BTS does not bigger because of the conventional media, they are bigger because of their great strategy of business of horizontal connectivity with their Army through social media. It is the power of the Army that has push them to the surface of world “domination” (Jin said the world domination was not on their plan, and they just want to be respected). Once they are on the Billboard chart and speech on the UN, mainstream media put attention on them and look for the news worthy of BTS. The media wait for the momentum to publish the news of BTS, and as they predicted, BTS keep making a good momentum with awards, and Billboard Chart. We are all waiting for the Grammy announcement on January 2021 and BTS once again will dominating news.

I am not critizing anything. I am pretty sure a magazine like TIME put BTS article with news-worthy angle so does Esquire that emphasis the story around masculinity value that has been presented by BTS, or Variety with the issue of mental health and WSJ with IPO of Big Hit on October 2020. I just wish the media can dig more than just what already been discuss by others. Go deeper and look for more interesting angles of BTS, because from two months rough research I did, there are so much you can get from BTS and the Army. Put them as the subject with news worthy, help them to spread their value and not just because it is good for your business. Really.

Today is V, the stage name of Kim Taehyung, birthday. Among other members, he is the first visual that everyone can click and remember when they saw BTS for the first time. To me, V is also most interesting figure among them with his visual style. He breaks so many conventional and mainstream rules of what gender looks like. He wears make up, he loves women clothes and accessories. He makes everything looks neutral and everything fit perfectly on him. He has these duality that can be totally different but minggle at the same time. On the stage, I find V with his strong sex appeal but once I watch him on Run BTS or Bon Voyage or any live stream he has, he is just like a baby, a cute normal boy from my neighborhood.

He is impressive in term of art, easy to spot it on his lyrics, music, voice, paintings and his visual arrangement for the group. I am excited to wait for his Mixtape. He has this old soul and his music of classic jazz and soul is so close to mine. He coined Purple Heart or Borahae to express love from BTS to Army and vice versa. Today he will be 25 on Korean age or 24 years and it is going to be a long journey to come for V to reach all of his dream than what he already has.  With his assets, he is going to be bigger then today.

Happy birthday V, borahae.