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Painting Me and BTS. Happy Birthday V

Painting Me and BTS. Happy Birthday V

V birthday was yesterday, and like I promise myself; I would write something my personal experience as BTS ARMY. This year marking my first year as ARMY and they have change me a lot, “to be a better person,” like V line on Snow Flower. And today it is for V.

The very first member that caught myself is V, because my niece biased was V. She showed me lots of V picture and all I know was him (sorry Jin). On V’s last year birthday, I wanted to surprise my niece so I contribute to two V’s birthday project upon her name. One of them is still running, the playground Bintang Ungu V for unfortunate children in a slum area in Jakarta. We are aiming to have 7 in near future.

V and I not have much in common, except we both love classic jazz. He plays sax, I only enjoy it. Yesterday I was playing Jazz all day to celebrate his. V loves art, while I only recently reactivate my fingers again in paintings. Although I love to sketch, drawing as part of my healing moment, I don’t know much about painting and painter. V is so absurd, unpredictable kind of person and he does things whatever he pleases. Well, I slightly kind of that person too. When you live in the rule of algorithm, you do want to be random, and absurd as much as you can so the machine less likely to be sotoy – kepo – and predict your life. For example, a little thing I do is going to a bookshop and buy a hardcopy book without even mention it on the net.

Okay back to painting. Right, I do paintings a lot these days since less work and people are having vacations. I have times to just wandering around BTS songs and dive to their lyrics. Start with Jin’s songs, then it continues to other songs. So far, I have 9 paintings inspired by members and their songs and sketch their faces. This is a new experience for me. As a writer, I got trance of words all over my head and annoying my days until I write them down. It is also happened to me in painting. Pictures in my head, I become trance, possessed and not able to do anything right until I draw them. So weird.

Like V, I enjoy paintings just I am. So, when someone contact me to buy one, I was like panicking. I don’t want to monetize everything that I do for fun. Because once I took money for my paintings, I will be worry whether my next painting is good enough for anyone to see, to like and to buy. I want to be like V, I love colors and put stories in paintings instead of words like I used to. Not that I abandon my writing, but I want to explore my paintings these days.

Thank you, V, for inspiring me how to enjoy life through paintings and colors and be an absurd one is awesome. Someone once said “Nita you are so absurd!” and I used to take that word hardly, but now, I am happy when someone says that to me. You know what, I am absurd!

If you see this post V, these are my paintings and each painting tells a different story or stories inspired by BTS and BTS Members.

my room my gallery
Super Tuna Jin in the plastic ocean

Happy birthday V, have a pleasant, blast birthday and live life happily always!