Lesson Learned from 2022

Lesson Learned from 2022

2022 was my first year without making any resolution and for sadness and happiness, I really enjoy surprises. Main reason why I did not make any resolution anymore, it is because life is just a bonus after the pandemic and live it fullest before yours ends as well.

Let us starts with the sadness thing first. I lost the baby Saga and it still hurts and will always be. I do not need to explain why and no need any preach anymore. I live with the grief that will make me stronger than ever. Somehow, I even become firmer in loving my nieces and nephew.

Happiest moment was when I manage to build a house of my own after 12 years! Through many challenges, I made it at last. I made my pap’s dream come true.

Craziest decision I made this year was going back to school to get my second master because of my thirst of access to knowledge and to enjoy the academic argument. It is fun! Totally! For 11 weeks of classes, I only absent twice due to works in no signal area.

You know how it said… when you are happy you forget anything else, such as tiredness. Balancing between work, house errands and college are challenging.

By the time you are getting older, your circles of friends are getting smaller. Everybody is busy and I am no nagging person for attention, so I shift my thoughts to other positive spot like college thing. Well, that is another reason.

Works are always fun, through all the challenges, they are still fun! Good teammates, we argue, we laugh, and got crazy together. I got my lesson learned a lot from working with my current team.

Have I changed a lot? I guess I am. I keep myself away from the spotlight, enjoying my work behind the curtain. Away from the crowd, less drama and just me, myself, Kim Seokjin, BTS, few friends and akang.

I spent more on paintings, experiment with my brush, different medium, and expressions. I read a lot but very less time to write the review, maybe I should do more in 2023.

I don’t think I will change again this year. I like my life as it is today and decided to cut some of the activities so I can be focus on my study. New job hunting is the theme for this year, but like always, I do not push myself to get the best of it. I’ll go with freelancing again, doing consultancy and facilitating.

So, congratulation Nita for surviving 2022. And hello 2023, Bring It On!


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