When we are social


I am in Starbuck at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali. I have three hours before boarding and trying my best to just enjoy my time. Initially, I had a good plan. I will have a good massage at my favorite spa place but then I found out that they will not be open until 10 am, eee what? I have few other favorite spots in Kuta since I was living here for 1.5 year before. But then, too lazy to think about anything so I ended up myself, stranded at Starbuck.

This is my flight back to Bandung after 5 days of office retreat in Ubud. After 2 years of working online and meeting my team virtually, finally meet everyone in person. I almost forgot how to socialize with real people, an awkward moment at first. Who are they or we without masks? Juni said that she was wrongly recognized some people. She thought I was small and slim and I turned out the opposite. Other thought I was younger than my age.

As once a radio person, I know how the medium changed the imagination of others. People used to think of me as a charismatic person with a very soft and caring voice when I spoke through microphone while broadcasting. I like how I changed other’s theater of mind and how they are surprised when meeting me in person. They can either like me or feeling disappointed afterward, but that would not be my problem after all.

Back to the meeting in person. After two years meeting through the digital medium, it is feels different when you trying to solve a year of plan and challenge within 5 days. Did we make it for real? Yes, we did. Something just not the same when you do your work virtually. Not just your appearance being changed, your tone of voices when you talked, your reaction towards other, whether you really listening or not, especially when you turn off your video. People will get energy differently, will judge you differently. Therefore, I always said to people who knew me virtually that you do not know anything about me, you just know my social media.

I guess we are back to our nature of a social creature. We are real human when we meet others human. We can tell when someone is sincere or fake. We have real laugh, suddenly we are all comedian at some point.

Nevertheless, the pandemic is not over yet. I am very conscious about it, trying my best to keep distance if possible and never lose my mask unless I am eating and sanitizing my hands anytime. Within a week, I got 2 times PCR, 1 antigen, and will have another one in three days. Shit can happens anytime but before it happens and hopefully never, we just have to be cautions every time.

We are going back to work virtually on Tuesday, but I guess we will have a different relationship after this. We are more like a real team instead of virtually team.


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