Learning Empathy with BTS – Park Jimin on Jimin’s Birthday

Learning Empathy with BTS – Park Jimin on Jimin’s Birthday

If you can choose your own super power to have, please choose Empathy! Everyone born with it but not everyone mastering it. It takes effort to embrace and apply your empathy skill. But first, what is empathy?

Simon Baron – Cohen on his book Zero Degree of Empathy said that empathy is a double-minded, how a person can put someone else, read their feelings and emotion as well as read changes on someone’s behavior or attitude toward him. There at least 12 factors according to Baron-Cohen that can impacted empathy circuit; intention, physical state, hormone, neurology, genes – genetic, corrosive emotion, in-group/out group, conformity/obedience, early experience, cultural sanction, threat (fight/flight). So, when we interact with others, these 12 factors will work simultaneously and or complementary to each other in our brain. Some of us are lack the capability to control choices through these 12 factors.

However, I am not from biology nor phycologist background and more to social science, therefore, I believe that early experience, cultural values exposure are keys to develop empathy. I don’t believe that any biological modification in your brain or genes or hormone can change someone’s personality yet their empathy.

Nevertheless, I agreed with Baron-Cohen on his said that empathy is the only way, the super power to solve conflict and other human’s problems. Even if there is only 0.1 percent goodness in someone, be focus on it and humanized them then crime and bad attitude might erode. Therefore, nurturing and enhancing empathy is really important and must include in education curriculum and childcare including in political life. Only with empathy, we can live peacefully.

Introducing empathy starts from the early childhood and that’s why I am pleased to join Bintang Ungu, a BTS ARMY communities since December 2020. We are trying to apply and spread good things that we learn from BTS, especially their power of empathy. On 10 October 2021, we had an early celebration for BTS-Jimin birthday by launching a free school for toddler in the scavenger village, North Jakarta. This is the second school that we built and supported and will be five more as part of Project 7 – Welcome Generation. Early education is a foundation to build new generation who has empathy, confidence, self-resilience, love themselves and ready to take a lead in facing changes in the future.

On the event, I brought my niece with me because I know empathy is not a theory you need to remember, it is something you have to experience it. I hope she will nurturing her empathy toward others and become part of the empathic Welcome Generation just like Park Jimin.

Park Jimin has an angel heart and never hesitated to show it in public. Showing empathy and compassion is not necessary by talk and showering your counterpart with advices. Empathy is something you show by attitude, by holding hands, hugging or even just sit next to someone who need a companionship and support is enough. Those are things that Jimin does to members who need one. He never failed to be there for Taehyung, his soulmate, the 95’s. Jimin and Jin are chaotic duo when they are both live and always make me laugh so hard. Jimin lovingly taking care of JK the maknae. When he is being sarcastic, he doing it cutely and no one can ever be mad at him.

Park Jimin has been through hell when haters mocked him. He did extreme diet but not eating for days to lose weight. He is perfectionist when it comes to dancing and many times hurt himself that Taehyung said, 괜찮아 it’s okay not to be perfect all the time.

Let me end it here by saying Park Jimin, Happy Birthday! You are lovely, cutie and sexy. Please stay happy. Jimin-aaah 사랑 해요!

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