Let’s talk about knowledge and intellectual on BTS RM’s birthday

Let’s talk about knowledge and intellectual on BTS RM’s birthday

It has been a hot topic between me and friends about how much a trainer cost for one session. One name said he asks for five million rupiahs per hour, but unfortunately the program does not have that much for a trainer cost. I know it is not cheap to get knowledge, you pay for your college, books, time and energy and I would not be surprise if someone making money from it.

However, for someone who was living underprivilege once, I know how expensive education is. I used to sell my only gold necklace from my mom to buy a book, because no one I can borrow to. The only corruption my late father did was copy the original books for me to read at schools. My mom gave me money for one ticket to college and packs of meals for me to sell if I wish to return home. I spent nights to rewrite from the book that belong to my friend so I can re-read it again before the exam. I know that feeling, when you really want to learn something but have a very limited access to it.

I graduate bachelor with two scholarships and master with a very prestigious scholarship from UK Government. Now, that I have money to buy books and I spent millions monthly for books, I know it is part of my privilege that once I got thanks to scholarships. I am very aware that there are million girls and boys, people underprivilege that like me, knowledge enthusiast with limited access.

I got my knowledge, my skill “freely” and since then I promise myself to distribute what I have to everyone. Knowledge distribution is as important as knowledge production – Gramsci. Therefore, I never put price on my self when it comes to knowledge sharing. If my knowledge and skill can somehow help someone to change or benefits to something, that’s enough for me. Money can come afterward; sharing will never make me broke.

On knowledge and intellectual, I am with Gramsci, because our focus is about the change itself, how a narrative of knowledge can be produced and distribute by the intellectual in a social group. I am reading Gramsci’s Common Sense book at the moment but already captive by it. Although Gramsci is very open for anyone perspectives on what he means by intellectual, but what I understand is that intellectual is a vocational work on processing, producing and distributing knowledge, have the power to spread narratives and to change common or good sense of a group that they belong. Intellectual is never independent because knowledge produced from social interaction and narrative. Intellectual can also represent a group knowledge. Anyone can be an intellectual as long as he or she within his and her knowledge can make a change something or to maintain the status quo.   

Now let us meet Kim Namjoon, BTS member who also known as RM – Rap Monster. He has the highest IQ in the group with 148 score, had TOEIC score of 900 from 990, a bookworm and to me he is very political. He transferred and share his knowledge through lyrics of BTS songs, and his speech. He is the leader of BTS , he got the full power to create narratives that moves his people called ARMY. He has the knowledge, and he is an intellectual that Gramsci mention.

On 2018, RM lead BTS and speech at the UN General Assembly and said  “Tell me your story. I want to hear your voice, and I want to hear your conviction. No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, gender identity: speak yourself.” Those lines have been spread around the globe, stuck on ARMY’s mind and it does change life of ARMY’s. I must say that I know BTS also from his speech that my niece sent me. She herself change once she embraces Namjoon words. You can read his full speech here: https://www.unicef.org/press-releases/we-have-learned-love-ourselves-so-now-i-urge-you-speak-yourself

Youth has been seen as part of the exclusion social group. Youth is excluded from the process of decision making in political realm that most of the time related to their future. Youth voice is excluded from adult status quo in many issues. Nevertheless, as a social group, youth create and produce their own knowledge and narratives. They also produce organic intellectual that can speak on their behalf and I believe BTS is one of them.

If you study the inequality narratives and want to understand what anthropologist said subaltern narratives, then following and listening their life, is so fascinating. I am still learning about BTS and the realm that their create and how they become intellectuals for the ARMY-BTS relationship.

Time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM Namjoon, stay healthy and stay in power, you need it to make a bigger impact to your fellow youth. Lead us, lead them to create a better future for themselves and for all.

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