5 years To Answer Yeah, Why Not!


We have been together for more than 5 years, to be exact, will be 6 years in this coming October. We have been through many thing, ups and downs in our relationship. I was so angry at him once, he was so angry with me as well. However, we stick together. Hey, what is a relationship without a fight and arguing once awhile.

Our love was not kind of love at the first sight. It grows through times, days, months and years. We are not always together physically. I always flying around Indonesia and London for a year while he waited for me patiently. I think we can say in those 5 years is only a few months we are together. Long Distance Relationship is something that we both always have.

It is the longest relationship I have in life. I moved town just to be closer to him, although in the end, job drag me away most of the time from him. My friend Dewi once said, you must be in love deeply with him, since you left your family and friends in Jakarta. It turned out to be right.

It was his message that struck me first, ‘I couldn’t imagine myself without you. I always feel it is you that I want to spend my life with.’ It was his eyes that convince me next, I found love deeply like I ever see one in my life before.

Those were the moment that made me say to him,’ Let’s do it! Let’s get married this coming months.’ And he said… yeah WHY NOT!

We agreed to have it in a very sacred and a modest way; just families and closest friends of us. Less than 100 people in a small restaurant, in a small city of Cimahi. We decided the date just because…

I love you Iwan Rahardie Setyawan to Jupiter and back, because the moon is too close to us, you said. I am taking this challenge of marriage life with you, happily. And excited to have this new adventure with you. Let’s ride this life together.


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