Why I Still Write A Blog and Share Thoughts On Social Media?


To send a message

That’s what Snowden replied my tweet… yes that famous Edward Snowden. If the surveillance issues is matter why am I still on the wire? Because thoughts and knowledge are worth to share. Because I have the privilege to access better and higher education, great books and meet an amazing people with knowledge, while other don’t. However, education is the basic human right, as the freedom of expression does. So it is the mutual relationship between me and my readers and or my network. The more you share something, the more you learn new thing, and for me, especially, writing is my own way to keep my memories alive, to make myself immortal.

I am completely aware that I am no longer myself once I connect to the net. Anyone can track me down; some bad people can misuse my information and those fucking data miners can sold my data to the market. Nevertheless, you are who you are, algorithm insanely smart, but human is always dynamic and smarter (okay, if they only know) and you can always change your own pattern in life.  You find me different if you meet me in person. You can’t read me just by the line of my sentences on my blog or my social media posts. Hitherto, I am proud to be an impulsive and a random person, so to speak.

When my best friend told me to go back to campus as a lecture, I would love to. But, it is not possible to do so right now. Thus, I keep writing thoughts on my blog, share to my ‘echo-chamber’ while hopping they can share more to others. Hitherto, I consider writing is to remember and to keep my memories work. Hopefully, they are benefits for others. ‘ Reading is like breathing in, Writing is like breathing out’….

Happy reading


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