Bridget Jones’s Baby – Just Another Shitty Fairy Tale


So Bridget slept with two men in 24 hours on her day. She got pregnant then told those guys about it. She wanted to know who’s the father.

In reality

Man will be like; shock, eyes popped out, panicking. The words that will come from his mouth will be – are you sure it is mine? Are you sure you are ready to be a mom because I am not ready to be a dad. Then some of these guys will come with the idea, abortion, or just run and never return…

In Bridget Jones

Both are shock, for a while. And in a minute or two both are happy… tarrraaaa…. Jack suddenly feels like he wanted to spoils Bridget, asked her for a proper second date, offering her to move together with him and ready to have a family with her. Mr. Darcy – my lovely Mr.Darcy, so happy, finally after 10 years, he met with her, slept with her and got a baby… yeiiihaaa…

Then both after all the argument, funny stuff, agreed to spoil Bridget, because what most important is the baby…

My point will be….

This is a disappointing movie! I thought Bridget will be my idol, representing a very independent woman, enjoying her freedom and sex! However, she is just an old woman who afraid to be alone and need those men to save her fucking life!

‘Knight with shining armour is never exist,’ she said… then Mr. Darcy appeared to save her!… what the…

The whole idea of being independent to raise the baby by herself is never exist! And in the end, she married to Mr.Darcy and Jack become the godfather of the baby… both of those men become a good friend…

A fairy tale… tarraaa.. too good to be true

Your body is your choice, so if you want to have the baby, do you really necessary looking for the father to share the burden (if it’s not a happy one) and marry the guy?

My friend once said… I don’t want him to marry me just because I have his baby. I want him to marry me because of me!

I just read randomly one of the piece of Prof Sean Cubbit about Eco-Media, referring to Immanuel Kant, he said, fiction is real when it touches the experience…. Well maybe just maybe, Bridget Jones’s Baby indeed is based on someone’s experience… how lucky she is!

Sorry to be a spoiler this time.. I just so disappointed… but maybe, you should just watch without over thinking like me:-)



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