Welcome New Student – Things That They Might Missed to Tell You is How Stress Can Actually Kill You!


Being a new student in a foreign country is not easy. You need to adapt the whole new things and yet won’t have much time to do it, since everything comes in one package, one time. You will have to face new weather, new culture, rules, friends from various background, and most of all, your study. Your study requires your focus in 20 weeks of class, thousands of words of essays, projects, exams and or dissertations.

I am not saying this to frighten you. It is the fact that you need to face over the year and people handle their stress in their own way. No one have a right to say that you are weaker than other; you are too spoiled or less independent. People need different time to adapt everything and a year is too short to really adapt everything. However, embracing each moment as much as you can help.

Students that committed suicide are not surprising news. Each campus has their own psychologist to help you to face your stress, use them! Make friends, and talk to them. They might not help you physically, but by talking and sharing your worries might also help. Find a friend who ready to listen and not just them who talk J not easy.. tell ya.. hahaha and if you need more time to finish your task in study, ask one!!

Don’t play strong, please. Cry if you want, angry if you wish, shout if you please. Just don’t hide your emotion and keep them to yourself. Write a blog to shout your thoughts. Do anything that you wish to reduce your stress.

I know how different it is from our culture – especially if you are from Asia, where you are not you,  how you used being controlled by your society. Here you just have to be yourself! Enjoy your freedom, embrace it, find the new or the real YOU!

I just lost my best friend who worried so much about life and I have tried my best to help him, maybe not tried enough. It really hurts to find someone you care passed away and one of the reason was because of their stress.

I am here, as a friend, ready with my ear to listen to you. But I guess, no one can help you from your stress but yourself. Take your time!



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