Me and Out of the Brew


On one of those days when I had a really bad feeling about myself and my choices in life

‘I think I made a mistake by coming here to London. I feel so selfish to keep pursuing my dream without considering others feeling.’

‘Others? Who?’

‘Mom’s, my sister and brother, Zi, my coworkers, my fiancé.’

‘Oh common… this is your life. You deserve to be here, you have completely right to pursue your own dream. You will be a better person after this.’ Said Jon my dearest friend.

I didn’t reply to his message for sometimes.

‘Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it?

‘No, I am not alright. I wanna cry. But I don’t want to talk about it now.’

Instead of coming to the library like I always did every single day during the course, I ran to this cute little blue café nearby, Out Of The Brew. The café that made me fell in love with the cake for the first time in life, their Robusta that keep  me awake and the music as I consider as the food of love in life. I love this place and I needed to be around with the things that I love…

otb02And guess what,  friends, my good friends, people that I love in this city were there too. Just exactly what I need…without any notice, everyone was there. There was Ivana, Paroan and of course Jon!

‘What are you doing here?’

‘I was planning to hide myself from everyone, hahaha.’

‘You choose the wrong place to hide!! We are all love this place!’

Here I am again. Few days before my flight back to Indonesia, I am back here at Out of the Brew. But this time, no one around, just me! I miss all of them and all the talk, deep and shallow one, who cares. I just miss you guys!!

I just made goodbye become the hardest thing to say did I hahaha… in Bahasa Indonesia we call it BAPER… kebawa perasaan… feeling attached!





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