Me and the Box of Memories


It was a sunny day and I locked in my room since I had to wait for an empty box from Trico, the shipping company. For a month I was so sure that 40 kilograms of baggage is enough to bring everything, books, jackets, shoes and clothes. Then few days ago, I realize my suitcase was already 28kg full of books and I started to panic! Call the shipping company… the empty box was never arrive

At 2.30 pm, I called them and they said ‘Oh I am so sorry, your order is not on the system.’ So I decided to collect the empty box myself! I need to get out of my room anyway… it was sunny!

I took the train, change three times before got on the bus to the Haringey football field, on the North of London while I live in the South East. So it was a trip across London. The box is not small! It took a while before decided to took busses all the way to home.

I always wanted to go on bus-hopping but never across my mind to do it with a company of an empty box. People are looking at me, tried hard to pull myself together with the box whenever the wind blow to big. It took us – me and the box- on 4 busses, from Haringay to Finsbury Park Station to Picadilly Circus to Marquis of Granby to Charlton my home. In total, it took 5 hours return trip! 5 fucking hour man! I can be in a different city in Europe hahaha… but nope it was just me and the box that soon will be full with my memories of London!

Then the packing started!

That empty box started to fill in, with books, lots of books, then my scarfs, jackets, socks, boots, sleeping bags, winter clothes and Sherlock Holmes together with Banksy on the very top.


Tears! So emotional it is. How time flies! A year ago, tears for leaving my family and love one in Jakarta. Tonight, tears for everything I have here, friendship, freedom and lovely experiences in London. I am in love with this city. I know I am going home to my mom and soon will be busy with works and friends, but London shall stay in my memories forever. I am pretty sure that I will come back here one day! Aaahhh I miss London already… damn damn…



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