I got the sunshine in my pocket


So what if you left me, so what if you never want to see me again. I am still being here, kicking and alive. The sun is shining, and I am still smiling and dancing. You made me tears, yes, only for one day but you cannot steal my light. It is me and will always be me…

Thank you for all the good times and I won’t let the good memories bring any sorrow and hollow. You will be in my memories like the coin in the hand of the collector. They are priceless, timeless, and surely not useless. Every scratch in life brings a thousand memories for better and worse, oh yeah, it is true, I got keloid issue by the way… you are my new keloid.

Live your life and I will surely live my shining life. I won’t let any cloud hide my sunshine too long. If one day in this life our path come crossed one another, just smile, I will still be thankful that I ever knew you at all.


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