Family Trees, Name and History


I don’t have a family’s name, just like most of Indonesian, especially those who are Sundanese and don’t have a royal blood. Well actually my mom’s family came from a royal family but they don’t give the family’s name to their children. My grandfather’s name is Djohar Wargadisastra… then my name is Nita Roshita… that’s it… I could have my dad’s name though but he didn’t have family name either- like most of the Javanese non-royal family. His family mixed between Javanese and Chinese… anyway history messed up hahaha…

I don’t really care about my family history, until today. I was listening how fascinating my house lady family history that she just found out from google… imagine… googling your own family… all you need is your family name and a good record of your country administrative census. She found her family history in 18… something….

Whereas in Indonesia, some family made their own family trees; tracking down their family member from top to the youngest one. I remember there was one only time where my mom’s family and relatives were gathered to made their own family trees. There was the time when I found out that my high-school sociology teacher is actually my cousin!!! It was so funny since I knew he was favorites among girls in my school hahaha…

I knew my mom’s family is a very religious yet a moderate one. They own pesantren or madrasah in Tasikmalaya, and the family spreading in all over West Java; Cianjur, Bogor, Garut, Ciamis, Bandung, Banjar, Tasikmalaya to Pangandaran. I know I am the oldest among 27 grandchildren that my grandparents has, but I don’t know who my cousins from my mom’s aunty etc are. I only knew we share cancer cell in our body, and diabetic in some of us.

I knew my father’s has different stories, more messed up stories. Lesson learned from my father’s side…. Never ever continues Polygamy history! Everything is messed up because of it…. I don’t know how many cousins I have because my uncle has many wives, as well as my dad… and maybe my cousins do the same… I don’t know! Now, we, the children got lost somewhere in the history!

I want to change it! I want to make our own family trees and history. Although we don’t carry our family name, we should keep tracking our family member. I want my nieces from my siblings and nephews from cousins to be aware of family history.

For me yes, it does matter because we are made by history as we can write our own in the future. Children learn from the adult, if we leave them the legacy for better or worse, they can learn to follow the good things or avoid the bad ones.

family trees

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