38th, alive and kicking …


The great thing when you woke up on your day was the feeling that you are alive, been giving a brand new day to start the new adventures in life. Thank you, universe for an amazing 37 and I am ready for the new one.

Second best thing is to find hundreds of wishes from friends. You are only got three times in life when you got so many wishes, pray, and attention; your birthday, your wedding and your death. I hope the universe will make those wishes come true… Thank you friends, love, and families for all the wishes. I feel so loved and blessed.

Third things; the celebration!! … I love being around with friends, as simple as being having lunch and talk… I love you guys.  Although, not everyone can make it but your wishes are mean a lot to me.

Previously, I wanted to have an alone birthday, away from the crowd, somewhere in Dublin and talked with Iwan to celebrate my day. But then Ivana was right, I only have this moment, in London with friends, my wonderful friends who is always there for me for good and bad times for the past 7 months and surely for the rest of the year. Three weeks ago, I decided to celebrate my day with you people… share the invitation and viola… 20 people replied while the capacity of the restaurant is only 15 hahaha… we were managed, squeezed!

And how should I feel for being 38? I am old by numbers, I wished to be more wiser – did I wise before? Aha. Feel full energy because I am surrounded by positive energy from these younger friends, their energy to change the world are tremendous! I live through them… they  made me feel so much young, they got me drunk  – okay a bit – dancing and yelling if it’s not singing, we stayed up until morning, just talked, got on the bus  – I got the wrong bus once, stupidly took a wrong train once. I giggled at 3 am in the morning, talked about the huge bird-shit on the bus window… instead of writing an essay, we talked and talked… we took a coffee break too much! We went to a gay club, for me that was the first time, got my chick being pinched and kissed by strangers. Being kicked out from the pub, being forbidden to enter the library by friends… being called as a crazy woman, queen of the library, to a sunshine and surrogate mom, having new younger brothers and sisters, to new nephews. Yes, I feel so much younger!

I had my times, being bad, crazy, and also done things that I couldn’t imagine before. I launched my first novel at 35, I climbed the mountain for the first time at 33, I joined the world class NGO and became their first staff for 10 years in Indonesia, at an age of 34. Got my scholarship at 37, and hopefully, will get my master in a couple of months. PhD? Hmm… maybe on my 40. Baby? Hmm… I will adopt one in two years.

What are my deep wishes on my birthday? Practically, I don’t have a new one. I will carry on with my dreams, to build a house for me and mom, doing good things as long as I can and start my own media firm.  I wish my friendship and networking won’t last 5 months, but will continue for the next 20 years and on. I am no longer wish to die at 60, because of you guys. I want to see you on the world stage of politics, be great leaders in every sector that you are passionate in as we are being told before, and we will meet again in the world conference or for a wedding celebration in another part of the world J. I want to live for the next 38 years!

Thank you for making my life so colorful and meaningful… I love you!!

my 38th(foto by Aak ‘Warung Padang’ Firdaus)

(video by Naru




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