Spring Stories, 7th months in London #mycheveningjourney


Now that I had submitted essays, feel so relieve and can share notes about my 7th months here in London. It has been a juggling month between essays, friends came to visit and terrible news that keep coming from home.

Let’s start with bad stories first… there was a day when I got bad news from home. Brother and sister fought, big one… mom cried on the phone because she miss me, the only sense person that she could talk to. My best friend texted me asked for my breast tumor doctor name, like a thunder struck, I knew it would lead to something bad… my heart broke in sudden…  all I ever want is to be there with friends and family when they need me most… and I couldn’t… that day, I felt worst, I felt that coming to London was such a big mistake in life! That day was not over yet, my bad attitude made me lose my friendship with one of a good friend I had here… great huh! It was the worst 24 hours in my life!

But what makes you feel down, should be the main reason to get up and move on!

Citra will be disappointed if she knew I said coming to London is a big mistake. Since 2005 when she got chevening, all she has been telling me was to try one! try or you die in curiosity… I did.. I got one… here… because of her! She has been helping me a lot!! If she can smile widely on the things that she has right now, I can do as well… I can’t let her down for feeling bad for can’t be there with her…  you are in my heart and thought Citra…. Muaaah … hug…

Lose one friend, keep dozen what I have now… I still have good friends that I can talk to, share my stories, helping me with my question for Jokowi even hahaha, once awhile we are taking break for a coffee and a cake. A friend who keeps checking how my essay so far, proof-read my essays, helping me to structure my messy thought hahaha, a friend to argue and a friend to share stories about the cute guys in the library. I still have Leandro, checking me up from Barcelona. Hossein with his messy hair that always appears like a ghost without notice… we bumped each other all the time at the library, he is my shoulder to cry on.

I have 7 friends visited London, like almost every week I catch up with one of them. It was a great moment, a nice break from essay and the library, act like a tourist for once awhile, can cross the street before the green sign… tourists ‘allowed’ to do anything hahaha… they were also bring something from home for me… and listening stories from home are also a tremendous moment for me. A bit from home always wonderful..

Anyhow.. that’s life.. a wild ride sometimes… just enjoy the ride, tears and joy.. but I am always grateful for what I have today … less than 5 months before home. Now I could not wait for it…  as much as I love London and the people here, home is around my family and best friends …



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