A day of happiness is …


… a day when I made the best taste of omelet with a horrible presentation. But my Land Lady said it wasn’t your fault, it was the bad pan that you used.

… a day when my professor emails me to re-send the essay rather than nagging me how stupid I was to put the wrong file.

… a day when I got a phone call from one of the organizations and I got my chance to do an internship with them, doing video production, woohoo…

… a day when Paul the barista re-opened the cashier just for me and gave me a discount for tea and sandwich. He said, so nice to see you around again… Lesson Learned… make friends with everyone… listen… everyone!!

… a day when Edward Snowden, my second favorite man in the universe, replied my tweet! I love you, man!!! You are my hero!

… a day when I see your smile…. Your humble and sincerely smile!!

…a day to remember… thank you!!!


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