when life is screwed me up…


It has been a worse week of my life here in London. But let’s exclude the study things because it is the consequences of being here, to study, that the last time I done it was 15 years ago. But life itself was so crazy on me these days.

I had a big fight with Akang, the biggest one since we have been together for 4 years. But it was for a pretty cool reason, we fought over our difference values and idealism in life. It was awesome! While other fight over the in secure feeling of relationship, we are politically mature one… aha! But still, fighting with your love one is never easy, i was crying for three days.. and not even talking to my best friend about it.. im cool now.. life is about moving on..

Today, I lost £26 for the ticket to Warwick. Everyone has been encourage me to leave the library and have fun and I havent really enjoying my life here, so yeah.. got myself the ticket, bought it with my friend’s card and dream about a relaxing day in other city, hoping for an  adventure, begging my supervisor not to talk too much on our meeting and it was about 15 mins instead of 30 mins. I was running to the station with big and heavy backpack. There, I was so excited and the excitement suddenly turn to sadness. I couldnt collect my ticket without my friend’s card… no excuse and there goes my dream of one day vacation cost £26…

Another shitty things that happened was an organization declined their offer for me to do voluntary work for them because i dont have a work permit…. very funny!! I am a student and allow to work less than 20 hours per week… oh well nevermind not too interested to work with them anyway!!

Although Hossein my friend said I dont need to always cheers and smile when I feel bad, I do have reasons for it. A chocolate that I bought ealier was nice, cammomile tea is relaxing, and my supervisor like my proposal! Wooohhoo… all those hard work, late hours and readings really bring good things… and the fact that i might got the opportunity to meet Hugh Grant in person, is also made me smile brightly today…

So Jimmy my best friend in Miami was always right, every day is a special on its own way… I am back to the library, a place where I feel secure and actually live with friends around.. im back to my reading…

It is for you my friend, you always busy to even ask how my days was. Im telling you the stories now… miss talking you…


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