Because the stories will continue


As years past, the stories changed and surely won’t stop there until one of us died. We couldn’t predict what might happen tomorrow, no matter how your astrology and the fortune teller said… let it be a surprise, for better or worst. But I know and I believe that what goes around comes around, I believe in Karma, we get what we give and if you give love no matter how much it hurt sometimes, just believe that you will find love that you really deserve, one day…one day…

Loving can be hurt just like Ed Sheeran said:-) but it won’t stop you from loving someone right. I take love as a chilly; it hurts in a good feeling…

Years back, we were together. Today, you are expecting a baby and me expecting the master degree. Something what we would never predict this would happen.

Years back, I stayed night and day doing proposal, had a brunch until late meeting, presenting our project, sweating on the ojek, being mad with anyone who caught in a lie about work, getting drunk by numbers and excel. Today I am here, wrapped myself with thick jacket and scarf, so excited to catch the sunshine while at home complaining because it just too bright that hurt my skin and eyes, and I am doing 12000 words for two essay and read over 40 books in one term (not really read them all though, just the things that I need).

Yesterday, I was holding and cuddling you. Today, my heart is just empty and will just have to fill in with essay. Tomorrow, I don’t know when to stop flying, where and whom I will be ended up with. Will I have Saladin on my own or adopted him. Will I have my Phd, or become a famous novelist or a humble farmer somewhere. Will I keep listening to The Paper Kites, Incubus and Linkin Park, or I will get bored with Frank Sinatra and Benedict Cumberbatch.

But stories will continue, and I am excited to see what might happen to me in 5 to 10 years ahead. I only hope I will be end at 60 


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