Stop blaming yourself woman!


Whenever female friends came and share their stories of being hit or beaten by their lover, I feel like to scream and shout… FUCK YOU man!! I see the bruises, I hear the pain, I can feel their tears, but what can I do but to share my shoulder, listen to their stories and offering other things to occupy them from their problem. Sometimes they just want to be heard, not dealing with the medic or police whom instead of treating them as the victim, putting them responsible for triggering the violence. Then they becoming more victimized by the system… how fuck the system is! I thought it happen only in my so they called under develop country… it happens here in UK, developed country… but after all this is still the man’s world!

Obviously women tend to blame them-selves when shit happen in the relationship. I don’t really give a shit if it was just an argument but when it comes to violence, I have zero tolerance! And still can’t accept the fact that some of these women still love the man who hurt them mentally and physically. Why can’t they just leave him and don’t give a shit about him anymore. If they threat you with the word “I am going to kill myself if you leave me,” well woman, give him the knife and say, “do kill yourself in front of me.” I bet he won’t have that guts to kill himself. Man who beat his woman is nothing but a coward, a chicken shit!

Stop blaming yourself and move on… you are responsible for no other life, you are only responsible for yourself and your own happiness and your own safety! Life is just too precious to be wasted with a shit like him!



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