From Singapore with Diarrhea


Back in 2003 I went to Purwokerto with Eci, my friend, ate sambal at the bus terminal and got bad diarrhea for two days. I blamed myself for it…

But never thought I could have the same problem in Singapore, the cleanest city in the world… truth is I didn’t know the cause, whether the bad food which I only ate what was served by hotel and the conference organizer or maybe it was just the accumulation of a long term infection that I had before I went to Singapore, I prefer to accept the second caused before anyone feel insulted by my statement. It’s very common these days that people feel easily hurt by someone else words on status.

So there I was on the second day in Singapore, forced to go to Un-watering Toilets for almost 15 times! Yes it was a disaster for me, had to deal with stomach ache, faced the fact they don’t have water at the toilet that I have to wash myself with wet tissue all the time. My friend told me to wear an adult pampers instead, well that was more make sense though.

I was at the conference, an international conference at the largest and very amazing place, but they don’t have a pharmacy at the building! They don’t have an emergency room like a small clinic and the organizer didn’t have a special team to handle an emergency situation such as diarrhea…. Perfect!

Finally I got my medicine from the pharmacy at the airport. I was amazed by the fact that they were really careful in submitting the medicine to me, almost acted like a doctor, diagnose the symptom and the end she warned me to see the doctor as soon as possible. 2 tablets of Imodium at first and one every time you pup, maximum 8 tablets per day… what a numbers!

I couldn’t eat anything that day, too afraid to had one… I only drink water mineral, cold sweat all over my back and I just wanted to lie down. But it was difficult to find taxi on Friday night when everyone was on the rush for a party!

I cried, afraid if I passed out and people might take me to the hospital and I couldn’t afford to pay!

God works in her mysterious way indeed… after almost one hour standing at the edge of the pedestrian, the taxi came and I didn’t care how much it takes to drive me back to the hotel. I was so sick for two days and so happy when I got back in Bandung two days ago. I am so happy to meet my wet toilet once again J


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