Trekking in Bandung – Tahura


Bandung is the capital city of West Java Province, Indonesia, which owns the fourth largest city in Indonesia. Located 768 m or 2,520 feet above sea level, Bandung has air and cooler temperatures compared to other cities in Indonesia. It is located in the river valley and surrounded by volcanic mountains.

But Bandung well-known by its culinary tourism and fashion paradise. Jakartans goes to Bandung, mostly for these two reasons. I will show you the beautiful side of Bandung that you have to visit on foot!

Mid- November 2013 I started trekking from Simpang Dago, all through Dago site – Dago pojok, Dago atas to Dago Pakar – where the cyclist end their journey. It took me and Putri one and a half hour to get to the place named Taman Hutan Raya – Tahura or THR. The track is up and down to the valley, exhausting but it surely fun. You can see Green on your right and left side of the road. You will meet dozens of cyclists on your way there.

Taman Hutan Raya / Hutan Raya Park is the conservation area in Bandung, 590 ha from Dago Pakar to Maribaya and it is on 770mdpl to 1330 mdpl.


These are what you can see inside the park

20131116_080645the have this tracking side all the way from the gate of Tahura to Maribaya. It is an easy trekking path.



In 1912 Dutch East Indies Government built tunnel intercepts Cikapundung river (later referred as Cave of  The Netherlands). The tunnel turned to be the  Dutch military hiding based and also as a prison. 


I didn’t go inside because on our way to Cave of Netherland, we already entered the cave of Japan. I will tell you more about it later.

This is what the Cave of Netherland look from outside.


After The Dutch Colonization ended, comes Japanese. They were also built tunnel in this park as a prison. They tortured prisoners here…

goa jepang

It is very dark, damp and spooky…

The journey is not over yet. We walk another 3 hours to get to this water fall of Omas, 30 meters high.


Inside the park there are lots of small food stall all the way from Tahura to Maribaya site, so you dont have to worry if you running out of water and logistic. They are also official motorcycle taxi aka Ojek, if you need one.

How much money should be prepared:

price of admission for local is 10.000 rupiahs, for foreigner is 75.000 rupiahs.

In Cave of Japan :torch loan rent is 5000, guide is 25.000

Motorcycle taxi aka Ojek is sooo expensive 50.000

Trekking in Bandung is so much fun and healthy… enjoy!


This post is written in English with my very basic one and dedicated to beloved friends from abroad who loves to travel around Indonesia and planning to go to Bandung.


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