Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride and be happy


It’s breaking my heart when I read people especially young one, spend more than 18 hours at work, hell yeah that is not a passion! its like you being fooled by the capitalist one!

Being alive means to have fun, regardless it is a positive or the negative one. To me it is depends on how you look at it and what value you use. Having fun means to enjoy everything you do, blessing every single breath you take.

I used to be a weepie girl, oh well, still am, but that is only for a good reason. I stop complaining and enjoying the ride of work, personal life, family and friendship. I keep remind myself, nothing is last forever, including love, so get ready if you have to lose one in the near future. When it happens, cry, just cry as much as you can, angry like hell, but don’t do it continuously… you will have to set your deadline of crying then take a deep breath, exhale and move on!

Life is so much precious to live in, enjoy every color you see, feel the breeze, hear the sound of the nature, lose yourself somewhere, out of nowhere and get ready for a new adventure in life.

I always put smile on my face, it doesn’t meant that I always happy,but smiling make me feel strong. I had my bad times too. But I learn one thing, happiness is just about a mind trick, how you can trick your mind and heart and turn bad things onto good ones and tarrraaa… be happy!

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