People I Want To Meet Before I Die



  1. Benedict Cumberbatch; because he deserved Oscar! He’s remarkable actor in every movie he played. And he’s so sexy.
  2. Salman Rushdie; for better and worse, he’s an amazing author
  3. Haruki Murakami; my biggest inspiration in writing. His absurdness are too real for me
  4. Simon Sebag Montefiore; his Jerussalem has make me fall in love even more to Saladin and his Stalin, damn… he makes me fall in love to the evil!
  5. Khaled Khoseini; just want to ask him… why he always made me cry on his book!
  6. Tariq Ali: well I met him once and got his signature but I want to sit next to him and TALK!

And people that might get hurt from what I said and done in the past, will you forgive me?!


Place I Want To Visit Before I Die

  1. Crussade War: from England – Jerussalem, a night in Damaskus at Saladin Grave!
  2. China: where my ancestor came 😉
  3. Mekong Trip: Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar.
  4. To the east of Indonesia; NTB, NTT, Maluku, Papua.


Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  1. Skydiving
  2. Mountain climbing to Rinjani and Kerinci
  3. Cycling Jakarta – Bandung, Jakarta – Bali
  4. Having a baby…. Or babies! 😉

Things I Wanna Be Before I Die : Be a better novelist

Thing I wanna have on my dying day is YOU….. and only with you to have all above.

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