What makes you a celebrity?


Indonesian well-known as their best smile, but it’s not for free and fair… well of course there some who does but most of them… nei… nothing is for free remember?

These are things that will make you treated like a celebrity in Indonesia:

  1. Your credit card- are they gold, platinum or titanium? Visa or mastercard? If you come up with just 4 million limited credit cards, you won’t get any special treatment. Try to come to an airport lounge with the ugliest outfit you can be, once you pas its security and show your titanium credit card, they will smile as wide as they can like a JOKER and give you a free drink.
  2. Your follower on twitter and friends on facebook…. It doesn’t matter where, who and what your follower stand for, as long as you have them in numbers of thousands, you become the social media celebrity. They will make you a buzzer for every tweet-shit so they call an invisible advertisement.
  3. Your bule-mate… if you are Indonesian with just an ordinary look and you walk with a bule, people suddenly will be very friendly to you.. again smile as wide as joker does. It is for not you, it is for your bule-mate.
  4. Your outfit… people don’t see how many cash you have in your wallet, but when you dress-up suddenly everything seem so easy.  You’ll get a paper stick with perfume 😛
  5. Your car… people never appreciate your motorbike, no matter if the price as expensive as a car, it will be just a motorbike. But if you come with a luxurious car, you’ll be treated special.

So be rich (doesn’t matter if you have it from your dirty work), be stylish, be famous (doesn’t matter for any reason why) and get your bule stand next to you… Voila! You got the spotlight!




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