5 Days Before New Year, New Resolutions


I used have what I called wall of wishes, I wrote every wishes on the post it and put it on my bedroom wall…. by year end  I made my own reflection, evaluation and most of the time they didn’t come true.

Last year, I didn’t make any plan at all… I want my life to be spontaneous, going with the flow and be surprised to what the universe brought me. It was nice and yes life is more fun when you don’t have to push your dream to be real…

2012, I am 34 years old.. when I thought my time is up to do things like hiking to the mountain, getting serious with someone and got a new job, new environment… I got them all in 2012, on my age of 34!

Truth is… I more confidence on 35 next year,  I believe age is not the limit at all to achieve your goal. You just have to believe yourself… push your own limit then you know that there is no limit hahaha….

So as much as I want to keep myself as a spontaneous and an impulsive one, I finally decided to have a plan, maybe I will put my plan on my wall of wishes again, or maybe later when I have a nice room to stay, not the current one definitely.

Here are my resolution for up coming 2013:

1. My novel TUN shall be published on February

2. Applying for master degree on March

3. Get serious with MyJUNX collection, preparing a business plan

4. Writing another novel HENING and another one… havent got a title yet

5. Getting marriage?

speaking of getting marriage… its always appears on my yearly resolution, keep wishing the same thing with different man hahaha….yes I always serious on my love life, while they weren’t…  I guess I haven’t met the right one… I wish he is the one.

6. Loosing my weight … hmm… put the number… 5-10 kilos… the hardest thing to achieve..  I know I shouldn’t say that.. ..

Okay… dont put target too much next year… let the rest be a surprised 🙂








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